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Art of Conversation for Children

The Art of Conversation for Children is the perfect way for children to become great communicators, learn about other people, better understand themselves, all as they enjoy great times and strengthen bonds with family and friends. Everyone wins!

Product Code:  613-1 List Price:  $29.99
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Clean & Sober A Cognitive-Behavioral Approach to Treating Drug and Alcohol Addiction

This book provides a rich source of material for drug/alcohol workers to start conversations with groups or individuals that will lead to exciting change in thinking, attitudes, and beliefs about lifestyles and behaviors.

Product Code:  101-1051 List Price:  $59.99
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Creating Children's Art Games for Emotional Support
Vicky Barber

Game playing is a highly effective way of engaging children and has long been acknowledged as an important means of psychological therapy. This book offers an abundance of fun games that help children to confront personal problems and issues in a light-hearted yet meaningful way.

Product Code:  80-163-7 List Price:  $29.99
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Growing Great Girls A Gender Responsive Life Skills Curriculum

Growing Great Girls, A Life Skills Curriculum for Girls, creatively blends research-based content with interactive exercises and meaningful worksheets. The curriculum is designed to meet the unique needs of girls, guided by gender identity. Participation in this will create rich exchanges between girls that will result in the acquisition of life skills, self-expression, and attitudinal change.

Product Code:  101-1318 List Price:  $49.99
GSA Price:  $44.99 Qty:          « Add to Cart      

L.A.U.G.H. Using Humor and Play to Help Clients Cope with Stress, Anger, Frustration, and more
Allen Klein, MA, CSP

This book provides therapists and counselors with sixty, easy-to-use and effective activities to help clients let go of negative thoughts and behavior, alter their attitude, and find more humor in both their specific situation and in their life in general.

Product Code:  101-1495 List Price:  $59.99
GSA Price:  $53.99 Qty:          « Add to Cart      

Talking, Feeling, & Doing Game
Dr. Richard A. Gardner

This game was developed to enable therapists to learn more about their child patient's psychological processes. Children in treatment do not generally come forth with revelations about themselves, especially those that may cause psychological pain, anxiety, shame, or guilt. This game enables children to provide such information in a way that is nonthreatening.

Product Code:  101-1 List Price:  $110.99
GSA Price:  $99.89 Qty:          « Add to Cart      

Teen Aggression & Bullying Workbook
Dr. John J. Liptak and Ester A. Leutenberg

Teen aggression and bullying is a problem that continues to grow, often disrupting our school, families, workplaces and communities. The causes of teen aggression and bullying vary from person to person and may include such factors as a teen having been exposed to physical or sexual abuse growing up; violent behavior witnessed in the home or neighborhood; violence in the media; socio-economic issues such as family poverty, need deprivation, unstable family environment, lack of family support and appropriate role models, and exposure to weapons.

Product Code:  85-9781570252525 List Price:  $49.99
GSA Price:  $40.99 Qty:          « Add to Cart      

Things To Know Before You Say Go Cards
Elsbeth Martindale, Psy.D.

This product offers individuals a unique method of examining partnership. Each card contains an essential question important to ask when entering or deepening a relationship.

Product Code:  503-1 List Price:  $49.99
GSA Price:  $44.99 Qty:          « Add to Cart